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Global Coaching Excellence Research Awards

The Global Coaching Excellence Research Awards aim to recognize outstanding research contributions in the coaching field. This prestigious award is given to researchers who have made significant contributions to the advancement of coaching theory, practice, and research. The awards have two categories: Master’s and PhD Dissertations and Published Coaching articles and books. We invite authors and researchers who have conducted original research in the field of coaching to submit their work for consideration. By applying for this award, researchers will have the opportunity to gain recognition for their work and contribute to the growing body of knowledge in the coaching field. The winners of the award will be announced at a special ceremony and will receive a certificate of recognition and a monetary award. We encourage researchers from all over the world to apply and be part of this exciting opportunity to showcase their work and contribute to the advancement of the coaching field.

Coaching Published Articles

Have you published articles on coaching and are seeking recognition for your expertise? Submit your work to our global coaching awards and showcase your innovative ideas on a global platform. Network with industry experts and receive recognition for your contribution to the coaching community. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain global recognition for your coaching expertise. Join us now!

Master’s and PhD’s Dissertations in Coaching

Are you a researcher with a completed Master’s or PhD’s dissertation? Submit your work to our global research awards and gain recognition on a global platform. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your research, network with industry experts, and receive recognition for your academic achievements. Don’t miss out, submit your dissertation today and take the first step towards global recognition for your research. Join us now!

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