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Global Coaching Excellence Awards

The Global Coaching Excellence Awards

Precious Award for Celebrating Coaching Excellence

The Global Coaching Excellence Awards (GCEA) stands as a distinguished event within the coaching sector, inspiring coaches, organizations, and researchers to achieve excellence. This event not only enhances the visibility of the coaching industry but also offers an educational platform, highlights the advantages of coaching, and promotes a sense of unity within the community. Recognition at the GCEA is awarded based on two criteria: (1) the geographical scope and (2) the competency level, detailed as follows.

The Levels of the Coaching Awards

The Global Coaching Excellence Awards (GCEA) consists of three levels: national, regional, and global.

The National Level

The National Level recognizes coaches, organizations, and researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the coaching industry within their own country.

The Regional Level

The Regional Level recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the industry within their respective regions.

The Global Level

The Global Level recognizes coaches, organizations, and researchers who have made remarkable contributions to the industry at a global level.

Each level is important as it recognizes and celebrates excellence at different levels within the industry. Additionally, the levels are interconnected, and only winners of each level can be nominated for the higher level. This process ensures that the nominees have already been recognized and celebrated at their respective levels and have demonstrated exceptional skills and competencies. Furthermore, this process helps to create a more diverse and competitive pool of nominees for each level, which promotes excellence and ensures that the best of the best is ultimately recognized at the global level.

As an example, the following figure illustrates the Young Coach of the Year Awards at three levels: national, regional, and global.

Coaching Excellence Maturity Levels

The GCEA includes five levels, represented by a star system. Each star refers to a specific maturity level, described as follows (See Figure Above).

One-Star: Emerging
  • At the one-star level, coaches are considered emerging in their field.
  • They have acceptable basic knowledge and skills but are still building experience.
Two-Stars: Developing
  • Two-star coaches have progressed beyond the beginner stage.
  • They are actively improving their coaching techniques and gaining experience.
Three-Stars: Competent
  • A three-star rating signifies competence in coaching.
  • These coaches have a solid foundation of skills and experience.
Four-Stars: Proficient
  • Coaches awarded four stars are highly proficient in their practice.
  • They possess advanced coaching skills, experience, and a proven track record.
Five-Stars: Masterful
  • The highest level, five stars, represents mastery in coaching.
  • Coaches at this level are experts in their field.
  • They have extensive experience, a deep understanding of coaching principles, and a significant impact on their clients and the coaching community.

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