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Global Coaching Excellence Awards

Be the Winner. Apply now.

Here are the steps for applying for Coaching Excellence Awards:

Step 1: Initial Information Submission

To evaluate your initial eligibility based on your background and to calculate the participation price considering the economy of the country you are applying from, we require some primary information from you. Kindly complete the Primary Application Form as the first step at:

Step 2: Proceeding with payment

To proceed with payment, please follow these steps:

  • Upon completing the Primary Application Form, you will receive a payment link via email within five working days. This email will include the amount to be paid.
  • Click on the provided payment link to access the payment portal. Follow the instructions on the payment portal to complete the payment transaction.
  • After making the payment, you will receive a Confirmation of Payment email from the Coaching Excellence Awards within three working days.
  • If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the payment process, please don’t hesitate to contact the Coaching Excellence Awards support team ( for assistance.
Step 3: Completing the Primary Self-Report Application

After making the payment, you will receive an email containing an application form that requires your information for the Individual Coaching Excellence Model. It is important to fill out all the required fields accurately to be considered for the National-Level Awards. Please ensure that you provide comprehensive and detailed information to enhance your chances of recognition.

Step 4: Providing Information based on the Assessment Committee’s request

After carefully reviewing the Primary Self-Report Application, the Assessment Committee may request additional detailed information from applicants. This may include a recorded coaching session audio along with its transcript, as well as more comprehensive details regarding the components of the Coaching Excellence Model.

Applicants are required to submit the requested information within the specified deadline, which will be communicated to them directly via email. It is essential to adhere to this deadline to ensure that your application is considered for the awards evaluation process.

Step 5: Proceeding to Regional and Global Competition

Only winners of the National-Level Awards will advance to the Regional and Global levels of the competition. These winners will automatically qualify for participation in the subsequent rounds, where they will compete against other top performers from different regions and countries.

Please note that an additional payment is required for participating in the Regional and Global level competition (Further Information).

Participants who have been selected as winners at the national level will receive detailed instructions and guidance on how to proceed to the Regional and Global competition stages. It is essential to closely follow these instructions and adhere to all requirements to ensure a smooth transition to the next phase of the competition.

Primarily Application Form
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Please include your information: a Personal CV for Coaches and Researchers, and an Organizational Profile for applicants related to organizations.